Editorial | "All That" | Published in Babiekins Magazine

Are you ready for the weekend? Before that, I´d like to share some pics from this beauty here.

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Editorial | "Eiskönigin" | Published in print issue 04.2016 Brigitte Mom Magazine

Keep yourself warm on this ice-cold Friday - seeing this snowy new editorial for #brigittemom print issue 04.2016

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Editorial | "What If You Fly" | Published in Babiekins Magazine

Starting off monday with peacocks and this little lady @lichtkind!

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Editorial | "Ice Ice Baby" | Shoot for Eltern Magazine 11

Comfy kidswear and scandinavian inspired wool favourites for kids - shot for print issue 11 @ Eltern Magazin

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Editorial | "A Garden Story" | Published In The Print Issue 09: Hooligans Magazine

This day brings palms to your eyeballs... it´s a pink palm paradise!

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Editorial | "A Room Hung With Pictures Is A Room Hung With Thoughts", Joshua Reynolds | Published in Babiekins Magazine

Obsessed with this arty place and delighted to see the pictures in Babiekins Magazine

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Editorial | "Paradise Is A State Of Mind" | Published in Babiekins Magazine Print Issue 8

Because we just like the contrast of black and white... A few favorites are now published in the summer print issue of 8 Babiekins Magazine with beauty Lea #Lichtkind

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Annelie Klein is currently based in Berlin/Germany. She also works as a contributor for the californian Babiekins Magazine.
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